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Important Notice Rules of the Servers on TCO Network

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TCO Network Rules and Guidelines

TCO Network aims to provide a relaxed, friendly, and even cooperative environment for players to mine, craft, build, trade, chat, and derp. We hope your stay with us will be a pleasant one and that you will return or try other of our servers when you're ready to move on. To that end, let us be clear on our most basic expectations from players...

Final Answer

Server Owner makes the decisions, and those decisions are the law.

There exist no loopholes, no arguments, no conflicts. What she decides right now, is the final answer.

Rules and Guidelines


  • Be respectful.
  • No PvP without express consent.
  • No griefing.
  • No raiding.
  • No cheating.
  • No bullying.
  • No hate.
  • Rated PG13.
  • We reserve the right to warn
, kick, temp mute, perma mute, temp ban, or perma ban players who we perceive to be detrimental to the enjoyment of the community.

No PvP without express consent

You literally have to ask "Do you want to PvP with me right now?" before engaging in any attacks against players. If the answer is anything other than a clear and undeniable "Yes", you do not have express consent. Respect their decision. Screenshot it when you get consent. Every. Single. Time. If other players complain that you attacked or killed them and the console logs support that, you could be banned if you have no proof of express consent — the burden of proof is on the accused; you have been warned.

Express consent is permission for something that is given specifically, either verbally or in writing. Express consent contrasts with implied consent, which is an assumption of permission that is inferred from actions on the part of the individual.

Known bug: If you hit someone inside a claim, even by accident, you must wait a minute and then relog — otherwise if you disconnect right away you could lose your inventory to PvP logging, and if you do not relog and you die from any reason at all during the session your grave will spawn empty.

No tresspassing

Do not go into places where you are not welcome; if you are asked to leave a build or claim then leave right away. "I'm just looking around" is not a valid excuse to wander around a place you are not wanted — respect other people's privacy; do not put your desire to satisfy your curiosity above other people's right to privacy. If you are asked to not enter or to leave either in game chat or with placed signs, then leave the area immediately.

Do not build your base within 10 chunks of someone else's base without express consent. Nobody wants a random person to show up and build whatever to ruin the landscape, or drain resources in the immediate area of their home, or drop by to "just look around" all the time.

Because of this rule, Staff reserve the right to delete a claim and a base if the owner has not logged in for 30 real-life days: it's not fair for new or active players to not have access to that area of the map because they are being respectful human beings. We probably won't bother, but we reserve the right to do so.

No Griefing

All griefers will be banned.

Do not cause server lag. Server ticks are precious, and if anything you did or are doing causes lag Staff reserve the right to destroy whatever is causing the problem without a refund or warning (although we will probably warn you first unless it is an emergency). If Staff have to fix the world to stop lag caused by you, we will ban you; use only Ender Pumps to get Nether lava, because they replace lava blocks with stone to avoid flowing lava lagging the server.

Chunkloading Rules

  • Chunkloading devices are not allowed to be crafted or placed by players. If you try to get around this, you will be banned.
  • Only server Admins are allowed to create or place chunkloading devices.
  • Each player can ask an Admin for one spot loader – no promises you will get it. If you live alone, you will probably get it. If you live in a team, Admins reserve the right to deny additional spot loaders so that server resources are not wasted loading large areas. Learn to build your essentials inside one chunk, and everything not essential outside of it.
  • Spot loaders are a privilege, not a right. If the chunk your loader is in causes significant server lag Staff reserve the right to delete it, either permanently or until you fix the lag-causing problem.

Do not grief the landscape. The world is a shared resource, and if you selfishly collect blocks in ways that leave eyesores behind or cause server lag we will not be amused. Do not leave giant quarry-like holes in the ground (by hand or with automation); dig under the grass and make your giant hole out of sight, or decorate the area to look like a role-play medieval sort of quarry. Do not cut ugly strips and holes out of deserts or other biomes; collect surface landscape blocks horizontally and without leaving obviously unnatural sheer borders.

Do not grief community builds. If a player is kind enough to open a build for public use, it becomes a community build. Often these builds are not claim-protected partially or at all so that they can work as intended for everyone — if you abuse that trust by breaking the functionality of the build, stealing blocks from it, or looting things that are not clearly marked free for the taking you will be banned with extreme prejudice.

Do not grief player bases; this includes the chunks directly adjacent to claimed areas. Not even if they are unclaimed. Not even if they look abandoned. Not even if the owner has not logged in for a year. We have zero tolerance toward griefing player bases and you will be banned.

No Raiding/Stealing

Do not raid player bases or builds. Not even if they are unclaimed. Not even if they look abandoned. Not even if the owner has not logged in for a year. We have zero tolerance toward stealing and you will be banned. If it is not yours or world-generated: do not break it, do not take it, do not touch it. When in doubt, ask Staff is something you found is world-generated and looting of it is allowed.

No cheating/glitching/duping

If you find an exploit, please report it to Staff. Do not use cheats, glitches, exploits, dupe glitches, etc. We have zero tolerance toward creating a lack of balance in the server economy by these means or anything similar and you will be banned.

No hate

We will not tolerate language, conduct, or displays that attack a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion. You are, of course, free to choose to behave or speak in bigoted ways — and we are free to choose to ban you for it.

No bullying

We will not tolerate derogatory language, destructive criticism, or general bullying of others. If you disagree with other people on a topic, attack the topic not the person. If you are angry or frustrated, deal with your emotions — lashing out because you choose to not discipline how you express your emotions will just get you banned.

Bullying behavior is very different from conflict. It is behavior that is intended to cause some kind of harm. The person doing the bullying purposely says or does something to hurt the target of hir behavior.

No excessive swearing or lewdness

We aim to provide an environment appropriate for players as young as 13 years old. We are adults, and therefore define what is appropriate for young adolescents much differently than the young adolescents themselves. For example, we will usually tolerate profanity if used very sparingly to communicate intense emotion, but constant outbursts of socially offensive language will get you warned, temp muted — and if the behaviour persists, punishments will escalate. For general reference, we generally tolerate the first three types of swearing (but not the last two) in this list:

According to Steven Pinker, there are five possible functions of swearing—although others (e.g., Salmani Nodoushan) have reduced it to three major functions:
* Cathartic swearing, used in response to pain or misfortune.
* Dysphemistic swearing, used to convey that the speaker thinks negatively of the subject matter, and to make the listener do the same.
* Emphatic swearing, intended to draw additional attention to what is considered to be worth paying attention to.
* Idiomatic swearing, used for no other particular purpose, but as a sign that the conversation and relationship between speaker and listener is informal.
* Abusive swearing, intended to offend, intimidate or otherwise cause emotional or psychological harm.


If you break the rules there will be negative consequences in it for you. We are not afraid to mute you; we are not afraid to ban you. Not even if you paid X amount of money for whatever. We reserve the right to kick you from a server to get your attention that we are serious about you stopping unwanted behaviour.

If staff confront you about breaking one or more rules, and you respond with verbal abuse and bad attitude instead of saying "sorry, I won't do it again" (and actually not doing it again)... We will ban you. If your rule breaking is deliberate enough and widespread enough, we will just ban you right away.

If you choose to spend money at the shop, and then you choose to do something that will get you banned: you are the one that chose to throw away your investment. We don't owe you a refund for your bad choices.
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About Common Sense... I have found a good, simple, and reliable method to try when in doubt:

Ask yourself this question, "If I told my mom about what I'm going to do, would she smack me in the back of the head for it?"

If the answer is yes, it's probably not a good idea. :)
"ZenCrafters. Total enlightenment... in about an hour!"
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Can we add a section on automatic digging? quarries and the like....
Posted Oct 13, 17
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