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Today, I was trying to make an ME System But While in the middle of doing so, I couldn't find any Inscriber Presses for the Processors. I was wondering if to make it less tedious if anybody with admin powers could possibly make an alternate crafting recipe since all the meteorites I've found are already looted.
Posted Aug 27, 17 · OP
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Thank u for the suggestion ...
What modpack is this from ?
Finding all the Inscriber is half the fun tho it may seem tedious but think about at the end of the day went u have a massively cool ae system u can have bragging rites ...xD ....If u are really that desperate you can always ask someone that has all ready establish them self.... im sure our community are more then happy to help u out..

Posted Aug 28, 17 · Last edited Aug 28, 17 by [SAdmin] PhantomEdg...
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