Ever wanted to practice being a mannequin? Now is your chance! Planet Vulcan needs motivated individuals to just sit there! Benefits are limited to, being disgustingly minecraft rich and having a statue built in your honor after achievement of 10M rf/t and near creative crafting. Ideal candidates will have two monitors, and a netflix account.

Planet Vulcan's base is nearing the upper limit of what can be done without chunkloading, so Planet Vulcan needs to hire players to just stand there! The only benefit I can offer, is making you richer than you've ever imagined you could be in minecraft, and a statue in your likeness would be constructed. Also, as a side effect, Planet Vulcan will be able to offer enough RF, to power every base on the server using just water and sunlight as fuel sources.

Planet Vulcan needs one player to stand near the power generation system, and one player to stand at the base.
To achieve the necessary power output, and crafting throughput these areas need to be separated to avoid sub ten fps, though granted, Spock only has a mere eight GB of ram, a x4 3.0 Ghz cpu and a gtx 1050 ti sc.

Spock will start preparation, planning and construction once the requisite number of applicants has been reached.

Why you ask? Spock only experiences true joy by achieving the power output of a small nation whilst leaving huge swaths of bedrock exposed to the sky, and it just isn't achievable manually.