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Hi all! I'm Astral, or Darky176(I will probably change that name soon because people have been thinking its supposed to have racist connotations >.>), and I've just come over from KKMC.
I generally play Thaumcraft and witchery, although i think this time I'll do witchery moreso. I'm one of those horrible people whom build abominable builds for fun, and hopefully this time people won't seek out and destroy my creations to "Save the eyes of the innocent". I'd post images for you to see, but almost all of them were either destroyed or were wiped before i got around to taking a photo - i believe only two out of all of them still exist, of which i have one photo, but its the worst I've ever made, having been constructed in about two hours, i consider it a disappointment. I did reside in it for a time, though.
Anyways, i tend to play a lot of FFXIV when i'm not taking a hiatus from it, and my character is a lalafell(Yes! Popatoes!) on Balmung. Aside from that... Eh. I like good noms?
Spoiler: My worst (Or is that best?) abominationShow
Posted Mar 8, 18 · OP
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Welcome to the server.
I can only be glad you build abominations digitally and not in the real world. LOL
Like unfortunately many people do...
Posted Mar 15, 18
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