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Banned for chunkloading with quarry

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IGN: Lightdrew


Date you were banned: Unknown

Why you think you were banned: Building a wither skeleton farm next to the Ender Quarry my team mates have set up.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I know this may sound absurd, but until now, after doing some research, I did not know that the Ender Quarry chunkloads itself. I thought the chunk it was operating in was spotloaded and that it was ok to build the farm inside of it.

What will you do to prevent this from happening in the future: I will be more careful and document myself better before doing something. I am truly sorry for breaking the rules, even if by accident, and I promise that I will not break them again.
Posted Mar 28, 18 · OP
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Dear Lightdrew,

Pls read to the end.
Thank you for being so honest and I am sry that i had to ban you for that.
I want to explain what happend:
-You and A_Tasty_Peanut build a Spawner in the Chunk there the Quarry was Placed, it was inside the mining area of the Quarry and normaly noone would do that when they dont know what a quarry is doing and how it behaves, because some quarrys jump back and mine the area again when they see blocks to mine.
-the chunk of the quarry is loaded and this have been used to spawn withers over time that is using resources of the server and is unfair for the other players that have only 1 chunk

why did it come to a ban:
-you have been building the Spawner after the quarry was build
-it was build in the chunk there the quarry is standing
-You have been using the spawner and items of it and maybe seen the large amount of items

what is the result:
-for being so honest and explaing me what happend, i thank you
-after cheking the logs i found out that you haven't been the one that was knowing of the quarry while it was build
-aslo you havent been aware of the chunkloading
-the witherskulls and stars got removed
-the Spawner and quarry too

I am sry for banning you and you will be unbanned and i hope it wasn't so bad for you to make this kind of expirience.

I dont have much more time today so i am sry when i made some translation mistakes.

Your Admin-team
Posted Mar 28, 18 · Last edited Mar 28, 18 by [Admin] King_Maxi9...
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