I dont remember the last time I made a thread but lets hope its helpful and useful ^0^

Rules: To check our rules in game just simply type /rules! Look on the forums and look through our rules and ban listed items as there are a lot of questions based on what is banned and what isn't. Alternatively you can contact the staff team through our Discord group or you can directly contact a staff member if it is sensitive!

Being friendly: Our network strives for an enjoyable experience and all round friendliness in all ways. If a situation goes downhill contact a staff member (Through Discord alternatively if a member of staff is online with you) do not make a scene ruining everyones fun. Also the staff team is dedicated to this network, its friendships built over years so please treat them with respect and listen to what they have to say!

Problems with staff or a certain member: Our Leader on this crazy adventure TheVampireGirll has kept this network up for a very long time through the thick and thin, she has strived to forge the best staff team she possibly can. If for some reason you have a problem with one of our staff members please directly contact our gracious leader through Discord or through the website (alternatively create a thread) or our amazing and dedicated Co-Owner CaptainJamster (on Discord, Picture). The same procedure follows for a member of our network!

Server matters (bugs, major lag etc): If you bump into a bug or a glitch and have lost items, or have been killed etc. Contact a staff member immediately, if you have lost items or machines etc have bugged you will need proof that you had them items or had those machines (screenshots will need to be provided on request of a compensation). If a bug happens or the server is unusually laggy contact TheVampireGirll or CaptainJamster (Picture).

Item Ban List: Remember our servers do have banned items as not everything works with our providers resource wise so to compensate and make everyones experience enjoyable we have banned either (items, builds, or entire mods themselves). These measures sadly have to be taken to make sure our servers are up to standard and can provide you with a place to enjoy yourselves without the discomfort of a lot of lag.

Common sense: We do not have rules for everything, but we do ask you to use some common sense while playing on our network, it is unfair to make huge complicated builds that consume major server resources on other players so please we beg of you to just be smart and play within the limit of the server as we arent indestructible.

Griefing and stealing: Griefing and stealing is a serious offense on our network (in most circumstances where it is not permitted by the victim) We do not tolerate griefers in any way shape or form (verbal or physical), you will get a warning and if you are found to continue griefing will be indefinitely banned unless you make a ban appeal which you can find in the forums section. Stealing follows suit with this procedure.

Chat and Discord chat: Any form of spamming will result in a mute for a set period of time and a mute will be indefinite until we decide if you are fit to continue communicating with our players, if you blatantly ignore us you will be either muted permanently banned, the latter is more common.

This is just a little thread to freshen everyones memory and how we operate and how we can assist you!