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Banned: chunklaodeing with quarry

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Date you were banned: March, 2018

Why you think you were banned: Having a spawner in an ender quarry chunk while the quarry was not running

Why you think you should be unbanned:
There was no malice intended in the placement of the farm. It was always meant to be a short-term solution and then deactivated. From my calculations, the farm was only run for a total of 2-3hrs. We were collecting with a 100% head drop chance and the spawner makes about 22 mobs/min. This time is an estimate since I don't really remember how long it was, or have access to the amount in the ME.
It was a thoughtless mistake to leave the farm where it could be over-used.

Series of events:

  1. I placed the ender quarry into the nether to mine ores. Yes, I know that the quarry chunk loads itself since that's how it receives any power and moves items.
  2. We decided we needed a way to harvest withers for their stars and yellow hearts.
  3. We tried a spawner in the overworld, it did not work. Spawners must be in the nether.
  4. We moved spawner to nether. I told Light to place it in the ender quarry chunk so that it will run.
    This is because the base and the ME network both had to be loaded at the same time. We did not have a chunk-loader in our ME chunk at this time.
  5. After having the spawner run for a short period of time, I do not recall the exact length, it was then shut off.
    It was not removed because afaik the spawner was no longer producing mobs and as such its drain on CPU resources is minimal is it doesn't tick. The resource it would use is RAM, but that wouldn't change much if it wasn't there because the quarry was still loading a chunk and a chunk is for the most part still a chunk. If I am incorrect about this please let me know.
  6. The quarry continued to run.
  7. At some point, I noticed someone had added a lever to our quarry to be able to turn it off. It was off.
    Deciding that we had enough ore for now and not knowing who placed the lever or why I left it. I meant to ask someone about it. Since yes, I know that if the quarry isn't being used it still loads the stuff. But without knowing why it was turned off I decided it made more sense to gather more information. Furthermore, I checked the quarry and determined it was not done quarrying either. IIRC it was around 1/2 to 3/4 done.
  8. I get busy/distracted and don't have a chance to ask people I live with about the quarry lever.
  9. I log in and see I'm banned.

What will you do to prevent this from happening in the future: Do not build anything inside the chunk of a quarry and remove any inactive quarries
Posted Mar 30, 18 · OP
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I guess we all can agree that you know what you've done wrong, and that you have learned what to change in the future, please keep it like that and we're all good :) Have fun playing again
Posted Mar 31, 18
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